Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to make children's book illustrations look AMAZING

An illustration preview for an upcoming book about imagination, creativity, and hope

1. The medium could be the message. Choose the medium that best reflects the essence of the story. Sometimes, there are certain phrases or words that can be lifted from the story to highlight and use as inspiration of the style or medium for the entire illustrations. Explore and combine different medium to achieve maximum effect.

2. Show diligence in the work by taking the initiative to research facts, anatomy, costumes, etc.; exploit digital media in researching.

3. Design memorable characters with unique facial features or gestural expressions. Add personality through costume and accessories like a crafty hat, tie, scarf, bag, glasses, or even toys.

4. Draw collections with variations as part of the scene like books (poetry, art, or picture books), toys (collection of dolls, airplanes, robots), different kinds of bottles (colored, perfume), or pottery (mugs, vase, teapot, etc).

5. Compose visual elements in a scene like works of art.

How to make children's book illustrations interesting.


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