Thursday, November 24, 2011

how to make children's book illustrations interesting

Illustration from the children's book, Tight Times 

1. Texture is everything. Texture creates personal connection to the viewer.

2. Misconception: children's book illustration has to look like drawn by kids. Most likely not everyone will appreciate kid-type drawings, children aspire to draw better than they can. It need not always be cartoony (anime/manga) or disney-like (although nothing is wrong with that also) but should always look delightful. Illustration should be easily comprehensible but not too literal, make it open-ended.

3. Lift from quirky but positive childhood experiences.

4. Draw unusual angles or perspectives of a scene.

5. Work on extra details, make up some back, sub stories or subplots not found in the texts.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Serj.
It's so informative. :) - yas

Sergio said...

Thanks, Yas! you should blog too, so we can have a lot of resources on our field.

Btw, why are you on anonymous mode? lol

iamcoloringat said...

Great entries and drawings! I hope to