Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My last exhibition work for this year!

"Prosperidad" (Nagbabatak ng Buto)
24" x 24"
acrylic and drawing pencils, seeds on resin, on canvas

My work for Ang INK's 21st Annual Exhibit, Mabubulaklak na Dila  

The exhibit is our illustrative interpretation of Filipino idioms. When I was in grade school, it was hard for me to understand such expressions, not to mention searching them all to answer my homework. I'm glad that our group have come up to illustrate and help illuminate these expressions for kids today.

The idiom assigned to me is nagbabatak ng buto, which literally means "stretching bones/seeds." It really means working very hard to achieve something.   

details of flowers/seeds on resin

details of atsuete seeds (annato) on resin

adding first layer on figures

Initially, I wanted her hair red but later I realized she'll look too foreign for local kids.

I've added another layer of color to tone down the hair and make her look ambicultural.

more textures and layers of colors made with drawing pencils

finally affixing resins with acrylic medium


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dan said...

great work! i wish i could visit your exhibit at the gallery but its soooo far!

Sergio said...

Thank you, Dan!

dan said...

are you selling your artworks? :D we might plan to buy in the future

Sergio said...

Hi, Dan! I have few works at the left column as indicated, kindly click for details if you're really interested. If you meant illustrations from my books, they're not for sale :-)

Your sketches are wonderful, btw!

Spanish Pinay said...

Great work!!

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Spanish Pinay said...

Sorry, the http link was badly formed.

Spanish Pinay

Sergio said...

Thank you!