Friday, February 1, 2019

Snow as renewable energy source

That could be a possibility anytime soon, who knows.
Meanwhile, snow is very yummy in smoothies.
I mean as art medium

below zero degrees pencil watercoloring

snow as an art medium with watercolor pencils or pencil watercolors, whatever

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Another How-to and DIY video, not!

There's waaay too much of that already. 
So, this video's a breather. For those who just want to chill out...

with trees that have eyes

See?! They're real!

Then some practice and material testing

Lastly, more snow printing!

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

New job hunting journey

Sending this out to the universe for a request 
and hopefully mother google will grant me this-

My dream next job would be:
an organization where my talent could put into really good use and for the greater good,
that talent is well compensated and with perks and free good food,
co-workers and boss are kind and inspiring people,
regular, permanent, stable,
near our place,
this I pray.

Showing some other skillz: Crop

Some pretty job on the side in case somebody would like to collect and connect:

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


to years of painful waiting,
endless queue,

Hello to expansive spaces,
nice cold weather,
most importantly to family bondings,

a happy heart and a spirit at peace,

a third life,

first-world stories,

and a fresh start.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Looking for the Light

Two important shows that keep me afloat creatively this year.

First, this painting will be part of CANVAS' 10th annual Looking for Juan Outdoor Art Banner Project on August 18, 2018, at the Bulwagan ng Dangal, University of the Philippines Diliman (UP).

I made 10 banner art already, YEY!

So Hungry for the Light
acrylic and phosphorescent paint on canvas

Hungry work in progress

Hung-er under a different kind of light.

Kutchz under intermission light.

And this box is part of another exciting CANVAS show:
Tumba Tumba Children's Museum of Philippine Art: A Proof of Concept Exhibit
19 June to 27 July 2018, 1F and 3F Galleries at the UP Vargas Museum.

I was given an old shoeshine box to turn it into an art piece. 
At first, I was thinking of a mini diorama but later realized that the object needs to be something interactive and educational for kids. 
I saw my old pinhole camera.

I turned this shoeshine box into a camera obscura.

"The Real Power of the Universe is Light"
wooden shoeshine box, magnifying lens, ceramic plate, cloth, acrylic and phosphorescent paint
dimensions variable

A mirror is just reflected light.

Small hole that lights another world inside. 
How amazing this would be on a larger scale like a whole room!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Panyaan: from Coron to Diliman...

Then into the tiny hands of many children and kids-at-heart!

I never thought I could pull this major project off, given that this drawing arm has been aching for several months after an injury.

The journey started with a team of writers, artists, and photographers from CANVAS to research and document on the oral traditions of the Tagbanua ethnic group in Coron, Palawan. The trip served as inspiration for a children's book.

The beauty of the place was its laid-back, expansive, and pristine atmosphere. I would describe it as enchanting. It's a fun place to be free and play as a kid.

Panyaan means a sacred place where people are forbidden to enter or fish. Indeed, some of the islands in Coron aren't accessible to tourists not even locals.

Pareidolia in me taking over at these precious mangroves.

And at this mysterious fairy kingdom.

My role was to document the feels of the trip through illustrations. I sketch whenever I can, quite challenging though because some days were raining hard and electricity was scarce.

Imagine your school at the foot of a majestic mountain by the sea, I would also be inspired to go to school every day.

I've quickly sketched some of the kids we've met at Banuang daan during conversations. Though Mawi wasn't so pleased with my drawing of her. She said some of their peers have to cross mountains and seas just to go to school. They couldn't remember any favorite story book, or maybe they were just too shy.

I think to recreate the spirit of the place and make it more authentic is to express it directly through found materials from the area.

Scratching some natural pigments from stones, soil, bark, plants, fruits, and flowers.

The craft of tying is one of the Tagbanuas' traditions, useful for securing house foundations, weaving fishnets, and basketry.

The project is also made possible through the partnership of USAID-ECOFISH project that "aims to improve the management of important coastal and marine resources and associated ecosystems that support local economies."

We camped for a night inside the health center of one of the three communities we visited. I loved the quietness of the place.

The trip was very inspiring. But it took me several weeks of staring at nothingness before the magic happens.

Aside from book illustrations, the enchanting stories inspired by the trip come to life through an installation. I patterned the exhibit after my MFA thesis, Anima, using some recycled materials to convey responsibility. An afterglow in the paintings and the installation also reveals another narrative. 


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