Friday, July 12, 2019

Sommar Sun

It's almost peak of summer and I'm just glad that many folks in this part of the neighborhood loves gardening. 

The Denver Botanic Gardens is in full bloom too.

The spectacular Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory, not the arena in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 
Neither giant zombie plants.

Of course, the obligatory flower closeup shot

The Science Pyramid at the Four Towers Pool

Mama goddess of reading, helping her twins read. (Please help me know her name and creator)

Your neighbors Totoro, western style

Some interesting party going on in there

One of the Infinity Gems is actually found at the Denver Botanic Gardens




Kraken in the garden

Some asian tourists, haha!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Dark Light

First two paintings for 2019 and a first being created in a new territory

24x48 inches 
acrylic and phosphorescent paint; 3D luminous powder; iridescent paper on canvas

This painting will be a part of CANVAS's 2019 Looking for Juan Banner Project 
celebrating children's rights.

Makeshift studio with basic tools and media    

These recent works are best appreciated in person. 
The textures, finishes, and effects are difficult to translate in photos. 

Iridescent finish create transitional colors into other hues through viewer's movement

Luminous specks lit this bubble

Found my own technique of covering surfaces with random yet harmonious patterns

A supermassive black hole at the core of bedazzlement

Cosmic ultraviolet rays impregnating a porous material smeared with emulsion to demonstrate luminescent energy

A digital photo recording of pigmented symbolic language uploaded into a popular electronic repository of human pop culture in action called YouTube

A brush stroke is something very personal

and intimate

Working on brush strokes to define forms

Reflective surfaces as personal expression of the numinous

Brush strokes as visual expression of internal disposition

"The Origin of Light is Love"
48x48 inches 
acrylic and phosphorescent paint; 3D luminous powder; iridescent paper on canvas

This painting will also be a part of CANVAS's projects.

Two paintings were alternately created. 
When stuck at a phase, work is done on the other.

Glowing moon juice as life force

Looking at a force like no other

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Friday, March 1, 2019

The Winter Garden

My mom's indoor garden is a miracle in these winter months.

She mostly got these plants and orchids in dying condition from nurseries and grocery stores. 

I'm amazed how she revives them.

There's some baby chick in this beauty.

And an alien in this precious above.

A fly?

Froggie dude

Spring is coming soon.

This is her sanctuary.