Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sinugdanan Artist's Summit

"May Nilaga ang May Tiyaga"

"Magsumikap ang May Pangarap"

acrylic on canvas


I think what our people need is an inspiration. What better way to feed the soul than through art. From a sound mind and soul, every wonderful things follow: you think and do right, care for others, and strive to prosper.

My work is a visual affirmation, these are illustrations that depict positive reinforcement. We usually counteract negative feelings and behaviors by repeatedly saying positive phrases. In this work, I used visual images to deploy that effect. Our mind works magically as it controls us through our thoughts. Therefore, we should always be careful about what we are thinking, it is important to think positively. The paintings are rendered in a simple and whimsical style so that every viewer can easily grasp their meaning, working the images way to their minds subliminally. Visual images and texts are so powerful that they influence most of our lives. Hopefully my paintings create lasting happy impressions thereby viewers getting inspired and consequently urges to take positive actions. 


This is my work from the Sinugdanan Artist's Summit in Bohol. Should you be interested in any paintings from the summit, please contact The Outlooke Point Foundation at

Proceeds will be used to fund projects that promote Philippine art and culture. 


Atsi-Batsi said...

Your paintings are beautiful and inspiring! I really love the moon-fish and the cat! :)

zorayda said...

Where may I see the price list?