Friday, May 20, 2011

easier said than done

Sometimes it's very easy for us to say the things that we perceive as simple to do or that we can do much better at anything, than doing the work itself. Of course, nothing is impossible if we have the will to do it. But the question is, when will we get anything started?

The photos above are some works in progress and my first full attempt at working with ceramics. I love working with clay and I thought signing in a workshop will formally commence my journey with this natural and symbolic material. Sculpting terra cotta clay is very much harder than I thought. Aside from working with sweat in kneading the clay, firing or baking it also ignites endless anxiety as the outcome is actually indefinite for the first few attempts. I have much more respect now for ceramic artists.

I just hope my babies turn out pretty well.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

today, yesterday

Even the simplest things deliver powerful messages.

Today, is the world premiere (via the internet, lol) of my second very short film using time-lapse photography technique. It took me two days to shoot, edit, and upload the almost two-minute time-lapse photography video. Those two days include experimentation. The leaf withers in about eight hours and patience brought me to limits. Now I have more respect for animators and film makers.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Filipino children's book illustration

Pinoy illustration in "shakey" 3D stereogram effect.

I'm writing my views and experiences as a Filipino children's book illustrator despite my struggles with words (I'm still learning). I write about Filipino illustration more because only a few write on this aspect of local children's literature. This blog came about for the following reasons: to practice my writing, reach out to readers, and document my work so that I may contribute any knowledge and help anyone who might be interested in learning more. I myself want to be more knowledgeable in this field and there aren't many local resources online on Filipino children's literature, most especially on contemporary illustration.


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