Saturday, May 7, 2011

Filipino children's book illustration

Pinoy illustration in "shakey" 3D stereogram effect.

I'm writing my views and experiences as a Filipino children's book illustrator despite my struggles with words (I'm still learning). I write about Filipino illustration more because only a few write on this aspect of local children's literature. This blog came about for the following reasons: to practice my writing, reach out to readers, and document my work so that I may contribute any knowledge and help anyone who might be interested in learning more. I myself want to be more knowledgeable in this field and there aren't many local resources online on Filipino children's literature, most especially on contemporary illustration.


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zeus bascon said...

sobrang nakakainspire tlga tong blog mo..kaya ako nagblog.haha

Sergio said...

Yes, zeus, lesgow and blog!

Anonymous said...


You are a great artist and illustrator. I want you to partner my children's book, Never Was, never was...... a fascinating rhyning book that Phillipino children may identify with, particularly those kids who grow up hearing how important it is for them to get to the USA...

I have a Phillipina 2 year old grandaughter, who reside in Leyte, and her mother, and father, (MY SON) are already moving her in that direction...

The story offers hope to those young children and their parents, who long to come to America or other countries, so they will have greataer opportunities to develop their great talents and skills and follow their dreams.

Believe me, you will love my book, for it's message and it's creativity. NEVER WAS, never was is an ideal project for someone of your ilk. (fantastic imagery and imagination) I hope you will agree to read it. The first line goes something like this:

In a far away place
called Never Was
Lived a gentleman named,
Archibald P. McFuzz.

Proud and tall and true was he
until suddenly, he had a
problem as serious as can be.

He felt that he wasn't there
at all, or here, or anywhere,
You see, for how can anyone
really be in a place called
Never Was?

He moaned and groaned,
and fell into a stew.
He really didn't know
Just what to do...

For how can anyone really be
In a place called Never Was?

.........................................................................................................I am hoping you will want to read more. Please contact me.


Lynne Berger