Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Edsa" book in the making

EDSA, written by Russell Molina, is one of the books I'm very proud of. My latest children's book is about one of the most important part of Filipino history, the People Power Revolution, which I think children today should know of, no matter how complicated it was.

I wanted the illustrations of EDSA very special and memorable, just like the occasion itself. As a tribute, I found inspiration from Larry Alcala's Slice of Life comics. The black and white drawings evoke nostalgia and vivid memories while a splash of yellow highlights the special color. To depict a sense of history, I thought of using the diorama as format to stage the scenes and organize them inside a wooden box I made specially for this book.

There are so many symbolisms in the book: the box, colors, "cyclop", newspaper, radio, even the narrative between the bird and the children that could spark conversations about the EDSA revolution.

Some features and interviews on the EDSA book:

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And even made the local newspaper frontpage banner:

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