Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jack's Pot lotto paper comics

There's probably a mystery behind why most pinoys, or maybe the world in general, are crazy lottery fanatics. Hope in a sea of chances could be the addictive motivation. I know some people who make a living just enough to get by, and sometimes not even enough, would rather religiously buy a 20 pesos ticket than saving or investing it for their future funds. For a country populated with mostly catholics, it's ironic that many of the faithful tolerate gambling as a vice, and surprisingly by people with meager means. Betting goes with very high hopes of winning the jackpot to satisfy deprivations and ultimate desires. I wonder if the odds of winning increases if the intention in betting is to really help in funding charity works? I think having unselfish intentions is a very powerful charm to bet with, probably even to the great gamble of LIFE!         

A lot of paper waste floating around suking lotto outlets during betting time. Thinking there must be a way to recycle these, I collected some. I know what you're thinking but I do believe too that these papers are filled with so much "hope" energy, DREAMS, perhaps a dash of magic, and prayers stuck onto them. Eew, that's probably too much dirt, eherm, deep, heavy stuff to scrub off. 

Jack's Pot No. 1 Voila, lotto art! (Comics on Philippine lotto paper/lotto art) 
ref magnet alien by Yas Doctor, 100 petot by BSP

I came up with comics dedicated to perspectives on money with a twist drawn on lotto paper. Incidentally, the layout and design of lotto paper are divided into frames aptly for comic strips.

Jack's Pot No. 2 (Comics on Philippine lotto paper)

Jack's Pot No. 3 (Comics on Philippine lotto paper)

Jack's Pot No. 4 (Comics on Philippine lotto paper)

May the LUCKY odds ever be in everyone's favor!

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