Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A page from Arketype, a 12-page graphic essay of me trying hard to be an hipster five years ago

Sometimes, whenever I talk to someone, I find myself amused without them knowing. Although the mere presence of people I care about makes me feel alive, it's not just because of what they are talking about nor their way of delivery that's worth noting. I know that habit may seem a bit judgmental, but it's because I'm trying to understand their entire message within a gestalt frame: processing them as a whole package. 

I just feel happy whenever I successfully connect through somebody's eyes. Platonically.

It's like diving against gravity or accessing free wifi through generous neighbors. We give and open ourselves while receiving acceptance. The person I talk to might not even aware but as we move along with the conversation, I discreetly observe their eyes: the color of iris, frequency of blinks, the shape of the eyelids, lushness of lashes, and most importantly-movement. 

The language of eye gestures speak so much than what the mouth says. Words can always be made up when it doesn't mean well, but they do come out easily for the sake of spontaneity. 

But the eyes never lie.

The people I meet don't have a clue that I have mastered the art of reading the eye's language, lol. One unforgettable character I remember is about this guy's furiously moving eyes while talking to me. Of course, I felt my brain was all over the place, quite insulted, and couldn't connect to him, less pay attention to what he is really talking about. So distracting and frustrating. My eyes kept calm trying to connect and telling, "It's fine, I'm just here, listening. And I do care to what you have to say."

And then there are those whom you have lost connection with, for reasons you know nothing about. They have burned the bridges of connection or they're simply not interested greeting your soul anymore, even if you're very excited to teleport with them. 

To connect with someone through their eyes is one of the beautiful gifts of being human.


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