Friday, December 14, 2012

The ultimate bahay kubo

How else can you illustrate a classic Filipino rhyme? This very fresh and so-current paper cut illustrations by Pergy Acuna is a funny take. I'm pretty sure Bahay Kubo (Straw Hut), published by Adarna House, will be a cult classic for kids today, as the popular rhyme is for every generations.

The scenes are whimsical and anthropomorphizes veggies—kids will definitely never see them the same way again. The illustrator smartly created her own simple, single scene visual narratives.

This is the best and funniest scenes for me. How about a crying tomato and onion for a pizza party? It's modern and very clever! LOL.

There are more visual puns spread throughout in this small but thick book, perfect for small readers. Like me, they will surely enjoy the illustration details and scenes, and will crave for more!


Spanish Pinay said...

Oh my, this is lovely! Where is thia book available??? When we went to visit Pinas, i've gungho on finding tagalog books as I am committed to teaching tagalog to my for-now only daughter. We live in Spain and my husband is Spanish so you see it is quite a challenge for me. Honestly, it was hard to find really nice and attractive tagalog books for my daughter but having not much choice, I bought several anyways. But this one, I didn't see this in bookstores! I love picture books! Please let me know where is this available and some others with good quality such as this

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Spanish Pinay said...

Argh, the link is malformed again, sorry. It's really hard to type on a smart phone!

Spanish Pinay

Sergio said...

Hello, mommy Spanish Pinay! Thank you for dropping by my blog, pls come back again soon :-) and thank you also for committing to passing on some pinoy culture to your lovely (i'm sure) baby.

Yes, this is really beautiful and funny too. You can try getting this pretty book at:

You can also look for very good Filipino books here:

I think there are also some pinoy books already available at amazon.

Have fun reading and crafting!