Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a unique book nook!

I thought this book nook inside a mall deserves a separate blog post. 

Before leaving Seoul, we dropped by E-mart, a large department store near the Incheon international airport. While waiting for my companions, I noticed this corner full of boxes and books. At first I thought it was a children's book selling area. But based on what I see on the this banner, it's probably an org dedicated to picture books. Too bad, there's no english translation! 

So I went around and looked at the artworks first:

These illustrations look awesome yet raw and unpretentious, and they look really professional!

And then I looked at the books:

They all looked great too! Amazing.

Then, I realized these were made by kids! or that's how I interpret it. I just hope I'm correct :-)

I checked the organization on the banner, The Story Book Institute on their site: 
Again, there's no english translation and I'm so helpless. Google translate doesn't translate korean language that well. It's probably a school for kids teaching how to make a picture book. Maybe someday, I can come up with a similar workshop so that many local kids will learn to appreciate more the art of making picture books!

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