Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Seoul-ful experience

It was one of the most wonderful time of my life. I went to Seoul in South Korea to attend the awarding ceremony of the 20th Daekyo Eye Level Children's Literature Award. The experience was surreal, memorable, and fun, as exciting as sharing you these most cherished moments... 

My forever bashful smile and pose captured together with all the winners and Daekyo executives.

With Daekyo Chairman Kang, one of South Korea's top influential businessmen and president of Badminton World Federation, and Dora Yuet Lan Tsang, short story grand winner from HongKong. Chairman Kang's personal rags-to-riches story, through the power of learning, is very inspirational. Dora's winning children's short story, Much Hairdo About Nothing is very funny and aptly for today's vain kids.  

Daekyo Eye Level, our generous host. At the headquarters building, with managing director Mr. Terry Son, Gritty and Dora Tsang, my sister, and yours truly. 

The educational brand name E.Nopi or Noonopi, is a household name in South Korea, which later rebranded to Eye Level to cater a much global consumer. I am sold at the company's philosophy that is based on "eye level" teaching and learning, meaning the system is tailored to fit from the child's perspective whereas most adults assume the other way around.  

The trip was really memorable because it was my first time to experience snow. It is truly a beautiful and magical experience for me. They were however amazed at me because not all people liked snow. Maybe it's the same thing with the sun or rain...and super typhoons!  

Most buildings are futuristic as if they are sets from a sci-fi movie. This is a dazzling side view of the city hall, a juxtaposition of classic and modern designs amidst urban bustle.
I rarely saw cluttering giant billboards and tarpaulins.

I am very impressed with their road courtesy, sure heavy traffic is still expected on some occasions but you will never freak out from stress and rudeness! Everyone seems to abide traffic laws, yes, even buses. I already gave up on our local traffic situation: I just wish every motorist in Metro Manila will achieve that level of respect on the road. I don't think any new traffic schemes can save us from this traffic from hell, only respect and consideration for each other can redeem and fly us to our destinations.

Posh and automated place where we stayed.

A send off coffee chat with our very warm hosts and Eye Level team, Ms. Yoosun and Bella, together with the funny and outgoing Dora and Gritty, and my shy but fab sis.

At the Eye Level Learning Center. 

An early looming machine at the Museum of ethnic people 

Vintage and ethnic shoes!

Types or evolution of fans

 Monuments are really monumental. Take note of the sweet couple below.

Street plushies at Myeongdong

 Too Cool for School kitschies at the streets of Myeongdong

Awesome graffiti (or mural?questioning what is street art lol) inside the artful Insadong mall restroom.

A beautiful snowy morning at Seoul skyline.

Presidentiable posters and a camera-furious tourist. 

The magnificent Gyeongbokgung palace.

Gyeongbokgung palace interiors.

Real palace guards. We were too shy and scared to have a picture with them haha.

 Lucky me and my sister at the snowy Bukchon traditional village. Most of the houses are over a century old and there are actual residents. I wonder how they are dealing with annoying tourists constantly swarming by the place. 

And of course, the immortal Gangnam area!


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