Thursday, August 21, 2008

Save the Seas Freebie no. 3

I made this design in Adobe Illustrator using the tablet for the first time. It is supposedly for an environmental project of a client. Since the design called for a more realistic rendition, I decided to give this design for free. At least it will be put into use than stuck in my hard drive forever.

Still a lot of pinoys, especially in local communities, and people all over the world are not aware about the connection of taking care of the seas and our livelihood. We should work together to preserve the waters, most importantly coral reefs. Fisher folks still use dynamite. Shockingly, I have also learned that sunblock may also cause destruction of these precious reefs.

You can use this design freely without royalties but not for commercial use, nor sell it through image bank or sell the image as is. I would appreciate proper credit.

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