Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eraserheads Mania

I went Quiapo (the photography, flea market, and mystique mecca of the country) today to buy some stuff needed for my yet expensive hobby, photography. I listed all the things I wanted, separated what I needed, and supposed to buy all those needed no matter what. After canvassing different stores at Hidalgo while gushing at every snippets I see around wishing I can adopt all of them, I'm left enticed to buy what I wanted more than what I needed. So I finally decided I wanted this set and this, and a little boy enjoyingly at lost inside a toy store...without thinking much about the pros and cons of buying such brands and products. Okay, I'm gonna get all of them...

I'm about to buy all of them. I went to the nearest ATM to download some cash so I can already get them and go home with my new toys. Yipeee.

My bank's system cannot process dispensing cash at the moment.

Okay, I'll try another machine...and another, and another. No cash, no toys for me today. Okay. I tested my fate: if this last machine wouldn't still give me the cash I needed...then I won't complain anymore.

Still no cash. No more words. Thanks God, I went home with nothing.

At least it wasn't only me: I've heard that the biggest band concert of the year, despite all the troubles and controversies, pushed through. Although the band wasn't fortunate enough to finish the entire gig completely together.

The troubles we get when we change the events destined not to happen or should not happen.

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