Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Composition is Everything

Ever wondered why a photograph or an image, painting, a scene, a design or layout, an illustration, is so compelling? In addition to color harmony, the texture of the medium, or the sensibility of subject matter, there is one more element that drives the over-all aesthetic quality of beautiful images: the composition.

In feng shui, generally you achieve energy balance called the chi through the proper placement of objects according to the most auspicious direction. You "compose" not only the arrangement of your interiors but also to coordinate their complementing color and designs.

Composition is a powerful way of arranging things: it communicates, informs, dictates, and organizes. On the other hand, composition also restricts, discriminates, and delineates.

Written words become powerful through rhetorical composition. Design and form becomes rhetoric through persuasive composition. A persuasive composition is simple, direct, geometric, bold, excites tension but is balanced, logical and there is flow.

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