Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weird Ebay Item

There are some things in life that are difficult to say with all honesty and sincerity combined even if you say it in the most positive way, that the best thing to deal with it is to just leave it alone or say nothing at all rather than being mean and hurting the person.

Can you tell directly to a person's face he's not gifted with good looks? How can you tell a person who has dragon breath? Can you frankly tell that your boss is jologs?

It's difficult to tell a person that you don't like him or her, or—anymore.
You can't simply just tell a friend that they've been cheated.
It's not easy to tell someone that a loved one is gone.

It's hard to say goodbye.


Anonymous said...

who's saying goodbye this time?

pwede naman sabihin kahit ano bu.
that is if you really mean to say it.
if you couldn't bring yourself to do it, baka di lang ito ganun kahalaga para sayo o sa taong kinauukulan... here goes a classic line kun mabaho ang hininga ng kausap mo: "um excuse me,tae ba ulam mo kanina?". hehehe!
be polite ;) - bogs

Serj pogi said...

LOL anu ba yan hahaha.