Monday, July 21, 2008

Flying Colors

I used to think that when a person tells all about his achievements, he's only bragging to the world how proud and great he is. I feel envious and bitter when I read someone makes his way to success, I tend to think of dubious reasons and possibilities why he got there. In a cynic mind, like I used to, it's all about one's self. I'm not talking about, generally, politicians.

Most of us want to get rich quickly. Others just want larger things in their lives, like the Dark Knight who seeks justice in an unjust way or the Joker who just want the world to burn. While some just want to better themselves. We sometimes forget the real stories behind the great success of achievers. All we want to hear or see is the now, the glamour of their triumphs, and not the struggles of hard work and determination.

Now I'm learning that telling your success story is more than getting flattery, but to inspire more people about how you achieved it.


Anonymous said...

true, true.
minsan na oover look ng mga tao yung paghihirap na dinaanan ng taong yun para makamamit ang pagkakapanalo. Minsan pa, iniisip nila na madali manalo pero hindi naman talaga ganun.
Nakakatuwa pag may nababasa ka na isang artikulo tunkgol sa isang tao na maraming pinagdaanan para lang makuha ang gusto niya. Nakaka-inspire huwag sumuko. nakakalakas ng fighting spirit kahit papaano. well alam kong hindi pa ako successful, di ko alam kung ano ang gauge nun. pero sana, sana nga. *with fingers crossed---yasmin doctor =D

Serj pogi said...

Hello Yas!
Thanks for dropping by my blog! Congrats for the Ibong Adarna at INK's Exhibit! hahaha, buti natapos.

Well, we all have our own "successes" in life. The reason why we need goals is that we will be able to measure how far we've come from. Without goals, we won't pursue anything. That's how you can measure your own success, through your achieved goals. :-)

Anonymous said...

hi! there, sana nga maging succesful kayo lahat dyan, but some people just don't know how to become successfull and perhaps no means to hit it.ha ha wag kakalimutan pahinga all over! for good health.