Sunday, July 13, 2008

Expensive Toy

And so I got myself an anticipated birthday gift.

Quite an expensive toy for quite an expensive hobby that hopefully will turn into another profitable skill. After all the hard work, the self-restraint, of missing bonding moments, the tragedies and victories, the pains of waiting, sleepless nights, and now...


And so another year, another period of working hard, saving up, and of dreaming big.

Sigh, I'd like to travel next.

For free.


Anonymous said...

anong dslr ito??
pwede pahiram? hahaha
happy that you've finally got one.
long over due. - big

Anonymous said...

wat a camera!l'king like a rbot out o d world imagining distant ideas! antik well, good choice, u made it! vry proud f u.