Monday, April 18, 2011

works in progress

I was struck by this photo of colored kois, so I searched how to fold this wonderful origami. This particular koi origami was designed by Sipho Mabona. You can also make your own koi in a video here.

Laying out the pieces before painting them and compose them inside the index card boxes. I so love dioramas, they just create so much drama! It looks fun to do, but actually, it's more than just fun.

I had to draw each element and cut every piece.

The face is made of air-drying clay, then painted with acrylics. This style is very tedious but in the end, I know it's all worth it.

The faces are ready while I took a shot to know which angle will make their shadows look their best.

This is another origami I learned on the web, unfortunately, I can't find the original source. You can make this origami as a paper lantern when you put several pieces together. I will be posting a tutorial on how to create and fold them from a whole cartolina.

The past months I've been very busy finishing these illustrations and the work took awhile because I had to document every process in between. An artist used to just paint and make beautiful things then show it after. Today, you have to document the work not only to secure its intellectual property rights but also as a contribution to knowledge.


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