Monday, April 25, 2011

sell out

I unexpectedly met a good old friend and his candid question had me pondering.

"Are books still selling?"

Good thing a passerby interrupted our conversation before I could say something. I'm about to defend my work as a children's book illustrator despite its meager means. But his question instead led me face another personal question I asked myself, "Do I always aim for the money?"

I know that the idea that sometimes money isn't the best motivator is already a cliche. I think that our passion towards the things we love doing best never asks for any material worth in the world.


mots said...

amen to that! :)) i really really love your style sir :)thank you for the inspiration

Sergio said...

you're welcome, mots! you have amazing works. how i've wanted to make comics as cool as yours also. keep it up! :-)