Thursday, June 6, 2013


Artwork for an upcoming exhibit. 
My process in creating personal works usually begins with making random textures. 
I "capture" characters formed from those textures. 
Sometimes, finding those characters takes time and staring long at the canvas.

Voice and clarity: two words that most established artists and illustrators keep mentioning in their talks. I kept repeating those words to know what they really mean because it used to be vague for me.

When they are talking about finding and amplifying "voice," does it mean the things that keep ringing in your head? Is it thinking out loud, visually? Is it really something that you wanted to say visually?

Personally, I think the "voice" refers to your principles, emotions, and your own life story.

When they are talking about "clarity," does it mean sharpness (literal and figurative) of an image? the focus of subject? Effectively translating verbal communication through visual language?

I think clarity in illustration, especially in picture books, simply means the reader can understand what's going on in the scene, or grasp what the images or objects are.

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