Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy National Children's Book Day

If not for the love of books, I wouldn't had so much adventures when I was a kid. Even now, my appreciation for books have grown much stronger because I have access to so many of life's mysteries, beauty, fantasies, and more adventures. Perhaps Ellen Spitz's idea, quoted from her book Inside Picture Books, that "the best books, because they pipe deeply into the fantasy life of children, interrelate with one another on many levels and, ...can thus serve to establish foundations for future interpretive activity in the arts and culture." is true after all.

Poster art by Aldy Aguirre

To make your National Children's Book Day special, here are some suggested activities by PBBY chair, Zarah C. Gagatiga:

  1. Conduct storytelling sessions in classrooms and libraries.

  2. Organize a Filipino Children's Book Character Parade.

  3. Invite a Filipino author and/or illustrator to speak to children.

  4. Hold contests on story writing and illustrating. (This can be a follow-up activity to the author and illustrator visit.)

  5. Display past winning books of the PBBY-Salanga and the PBBY-Alcala prizes in the library. (The PBBY website,, has the list of winners.)

  6. Stage your own Best Reads event with parents, teachers and students. Remember to focus on Filipino books for children and young adults!

  7. Invite parents, school officials, teachers and other members of the learning community to talk about books they grew up with.

  8. Drum up this year's theme by showcasing Filipino books that exemplify: Masayang Magbasa sa Sariling Wika.

  9. Publish or display (online or in the school paper) reviews of Filipino storybooks by students.

  10. Read a Filipino children's book or YA novel.

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