Sunday, April 29, 2012

painting process

Work in progress detail for an upcoming banner exhibit.

Painting the details last.

Adding some elements when some figures don't "show up" or create interesting juxtaposition.

Figures getting shape, after finding or "catching" them from random textured forms.

Random blobs of paint to form the silhouettes and composition.

The first step: preparing the ground with gesso, after treating the wood,
then gel medium for maximum texture. 
From there, I make layers of light acrylic wash so I can find figures emerging from the texture. 
It takes a while to find those figures, viewing different angles with fresh eyes so I can "catch" them. 

Let's Instagram! I'm sergioiii 


Anonymous said...

ganda, serj! :)

Sergio said...

thank you, rommel! nakakahawa kasi ang works mo haha. :-)

Shelley Whiting said...

I love your work. It is very funky and surreal. Beautiful and wildly imaginative works.