Friday, August 26, 2011

the sign

Observing town and tourist spot signs in our country left me feeling a little lost. Commercial and political banners or tarpaulins, wires, and pollution clutter historical and scenic views. Some tourist spots are underdeveloped while some are overly developed where establishments spring from every corner of a place. Progress does not always necessarily equate to modern and big buildings. Old and vintage do not always mean unappealing. Our country needs a design overhaul if only young and creative designers push their ideas aggressively and effectively to urban planners. I just feel our country, so diverse and rich in resources, haven't yet maximized its potential.

I remember a personal anecdote where a panel randomly asked me if I were to run the government, how will I improve the economic situation of our country. Being the lover of the arts, I always think of fusing art to any problem-solving ideas, simply replied: "I will hire the best artists, designers, architects, and engineers to make our country extremely beautiful." While I'm very serious with my reply and perhaps it wasn't they expected to hear, I only got a scornful laugh with a side comment, "Yeah, include also beauticians and parloristas to make the ugly fabulous!" Some people don't fully understand yet the importance of design and aesthetics in economic progress. Sad, but true.


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