Tuesday, July 12, 2011

baby send offs

works in progress for an upcoming Ang INK group exhibit

I have this separation anxiety whenever my babies are "adopted" to a new home. I wonder how fellow artists cope up with sending off their works.


LLOYD said...

I so want to be part of INK..too bad im in cebu..your artwork really stands out from the rest of the INK artists..though all of them are good but your style definitely fits my tastes..thanks for sharing!

Sergio said...

thanks for the kind words lloyd, but you haven't met all the talented INKies yet! Let's see what we can do about interested applicants in far away places, I'll relay to the officers :-)

LLOYD said...

I've emailed Panch Alcaraz during my early college days regarding my situation but it seems that it's difficult..even if i did pass to become an official INK member i would only become an inactive member since travel is expensive for me to join the various INK workshops or programs..and it's a requirement for new members to be active and belong to certain committees..oh my top picks are Dr. Beth Parrocha, of course you sir!, Jason Moss and countless others..sometimes it's useless to make a list since every now and then new members pop in and get published and their art is incomparable.

oh by the way sir, if you have time perhaps i could invite you to our newly established yearly comic convention here in Cebu it's gonna be around october at the UP Lahug, Cebu grounds..it's being organized by some of my cebu friends in conjunction with the guys over there in manila.