Sunday, March 6, 2011

Noah's Pup

This is my favorite scene from the book, Ang Tuta ni Noe.

I am very honored to illustrate and now pleased to introduce my recent children's book, Ang Tuta ni Noe (Noah's Puppy) written by the National Artist for Literature himself, Virgilio Almario. For me, he is the Philippine's father of modern children's books because he is one of the pioneering promoters of children's literature in the country. It was one of the toughest book project I have ever illustrated because not only of its very high expectations (Sir Rio is also a critic) but also I had to research and fill the pages with so many animal characters at the least possible time.

The project's story is very memorable to me because it was given to me at the time when Metro Manila was rampaged by the mega typhoon Ondoy. It was also the screening of the film 2012, so imagine the feeling I had as if I was on a great deluge myself...I thought how coincidental this project must have been when all the signs are coming up. It was a challenge, but I was ready.

When I reviewed the story, at first I haven't foreseen the tremendous work of creating many characters the book project entails. But the daunting task mellowed out for the excitement in me because I so love dogs and the plot was not an ordinary retelling of the story of Noah's ark, and Noah wasn't even the star!

If you'd like to know what happened to Noah's puppy, you can get the awesome book here.

And if you also like birds, as much as I do, inspired from this spread from Ang Tuta ni Noe, I made several new imaginary bird species:




Yes, after watching The Black Swan starring Natalie Portman, then reading the story Ang Tuta ni Noe, why not get some bird prints on various applications at Red Bubble. I know you love Angry Birds, but cutie birds are lovely too!

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