Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reading books is a challenge

Getting kids interested to read books is becoming more challenging nowadays. Yes, more competition are catching the young mind's attention: gadgets, games, and stress from school activities, among others. These distractions leave them uninterested in reading, especially books. Poor children, if they only knew the benefits and magic of reading at an early age. Perhaps they will only appreciate that when they turn into adult monsters. LOL. Good thing there are still people, most especially parents and teachers, who have relentless dedication in enriching and promoting literature. Not only do they encourage the love for reading but also the traditions and culture that are closest to our hearts.

If you need great resources on children's literature and tips on how to make your children interested in reading, you can go to these inspiring and informative sites.


Asia in the Heart Blog

I have some interviews there to share my insights on children's book illustration. I hope you will also enjoy the world of children's literature as much as I am and encourage children to read more in spite of the challenges.


Dr Seuss said...

Hey Serg! Must say you're really talented. Any new illustrations coming out soon?

joshuastyles said...

hey serg, I love your works. I wish I can be as good as you do in illustrating. I'm stuck in photomanipulation.

Sergio said...

Hi guys!

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I've been very busy lately with 4 new children's books coming up, so watch out for it. In the mean time, I'm leaving you a new Post-it art for the coming elections. Hope you enjoy it and keep inspired!

God bless.