Saturday, March 28, 2009

Depth of Field

A friend showed me a book with a list of up-and-coming artists to watch out for, a list of creative individuals who will "define" the next wave of Philippine art. As I browsed over, they seem promising indeed. I actually know some of them, have heard of, admire, and met a few. I haven't thoroughly read the entire book and I am very much interested to know how they came up with the list.

I am agreeing that today is the age of the young, the smart, and the creative. We are entering an age where a lot of changes going on, a change that's happening extremely fast. To survive this fast-paced world, it is an advantage to have those qualities: fresh, intelligent, and creative.

Personally, I find most of the works in the "portfolio" a bit dark, some are actually shocking. It makes me feel sad and depressed looking at them, rather than move me to participate and act for a social change, if that should be the role of art today: to inspire. It makes me think, does art always have to be rebellious and despairing in order to have depth and power? What about ecstasy, optimism, and love...

What is art in a third-world country today, anyway?

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Rinka Sycip said...

Hi Serj, I have to say I completely agree. Art is supposed to move people. It is that awesome power that makes it so mystical. Sadly most of the work that is lauded is that way; gloomy, dreary, just downright depressing.

Your work is awesome though. WE love it. (Everyone wanted your pieces, dear!)