Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why I love a Keida Foto

I love photography that's why I curse whoever invented it. What would life be without this technology?

Ever since the digital camera shelved the analogs, anyone who has the capacity to get the latest digital camera model declare themselves a photographer. Anyone can be a photographer today, but not everyone can have the talent of seeing. You can always have the coolest digital camera in the world but you can never buy artistic vision and taste. You can easily create an amazing photograph but you can not capture style in a flash of shutter just like that.

What sets a real photographer from the rest is his/her creative approach to the subject. Technique can be achieved easily by the book and through experience, so any commercial, eye-candy 'look' or 'feel' desired can already be done in a click, and virtually by anyone who has digital camera and equipment. The challenge now is to create a refreshing perspective: extraordinary, very creative, personal, and the "wtf-how-did-he-do-that" instead of the cliched "x" factor on images.

photography transmit magic exactly like that.

I don't know how but any subject his camera points at becomes interesting. It's not the usual still life, portrait, fashion, event, celebrity or wedding photos you see in glossy magazines and exorbitantly rated photo albums. I mean, whenever I browse a big shot photographer's works, I couldn't stop my thought bubble "Is that it? What is so special and expensive about that shot?" Keida's photos are definitely way better than that, partiality aside. And when everyone relies on post editing techniques like Photoshop to enhance their images, he does everything on shooting the image itself. How amazing is that? That is not Canon EOS 5D Mark II nor Nikon D3X, just sheer talent. Let him do his creative drill, trust his artistic vision and you'll never be disappointed getting the coolest image.


Anonymous said...

awww, shucks serj.
hahaha, idol din kita.

thanks for the love.

the thing is that if we do what we love and put our heart into it, it would seldom matter whatever tool we use to create. tools are there to help to a certain extent, the better it is, the easier/the faster the work gets done. but there are endless ways to do that and it's fun/an advantage to know your shortcomings and find ways to work around it.

pero sana makapag upgrade na din ako. hahahahaha.

at the end of the day though, what matters is to have a genuine love for what you do, have pride in what you can do, foresight to what you will be able to do next, and have fun doing it no matter how the going gets rough.

Serj said...

Well, you deserve it Keith Dador. You are truly an exceptional talent. This is just for the record.

Trust in the power of the "word of mouth"!