Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Posters from Dubai: Case Study no.1

The new land of opportunities for pinoy skill and talent...Dubai. This is where all creatives now converge: from architects, engineers, to artists, shaping together an artificial oasis. That includes a good friend who courageously tried her luck over greener pasteurs. With all the economic and political catastrophes happening around my beautiful islands Philippines, who knows your closest friend might also do the same, perhaps even me.

She buzzed me at ym and asked for another round of critique-ing, she always value my opinion whenever she has doubts about what she designed. The power of information and communication technology and Yahoo messenger combined. As excited for another American-Idolish-critique session, I was also eager to see her studies. I couldn't wait to download them.

Wow I thought, knowing her since college, she has really outgrown herself in her designs. She is now willing to experiment on different things like combining art, illustration and design. And this is what she consulted me about. She was frustrated that she can't seem to fuse them together despite her attempts to make her designs look artsy yet meant for selling. Initially I liked her first study because it was all dynamic, grabs attention, and shows indirect interpretation yet very much relevant to her subject: A poster for a telecom exhibit fair. The second design clearly illustrated the event, but some images she used wasn't that suggestive enough of what she really meant. She asked if the first design doesn't look blasé, like graphic design trends today are going fully ornamental, bursting with Rococo motifs. I told her, well it was destined to be designed as such: posters should catch attention, conforming to the signs of the times, and announcing what it ought to tell.

She opted to develop the second study.


Anonymous said...

online FREE consult - hmmm interesting. good pit stop for artists facing a block while on a project '.)
- suri

Serj said...

yup! yup! just email me or, bookmark my blog and visit everytime!